Clock Sculpture

Clock Sculpture

Just another picture from the People’s History Museum today which you can click to enlarge.

It is called Clock Sculpture by Anthony Bennett and depicts the changing relationship that workers had with time during the Industrial Revolution. Apparently.

It shows two struggling workers and a child labourer while the shackled slave is a reminder that Manchester’s increasing wealth relied on imported slave grown cotton.

All four figures hold onto and at the same time resist the turning of the clock hand, but that allegory escapes me.

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  • Temporal Pudding 28th August 2012

    Are they resisting time or are they hoping that the slow march of time will drag them to a better future?

  • Roger Green 29th August 2012

    In the US, that would be attributed to Obama.

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 29th August 2012

    I think they’re afraid of being left behind by the speed of change. It’s a rather wonderful sculpture, isn’t it?

  • Alexa 12th November 2012

    its actually called “Tide to Time” not Clock Sculpture

    • Mr Parrot 12th November 2012

      If you Google it, there are quite a few sites that refer to ‘Clock Sculpture’ but I’ll take your word for it.


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