Pillar Box Gold

Sarah Storey's Gold Post BoxI mentioned a few weeks ago that I hoped to get photos of one or two of the gold painted post boxes once the weather improved. Which is why it hasn’t happened until now.

For anyone unaware, a post box has been given a make-over from its usual red in the home town of Great British Olympic gold medallists.

The weather wasn’t that great yesterday, but I risked it for a short drive to Disley to get the shot on the left of the post box outside the White Lion pub to celebrate Sarah Storey’s paracycling gold medal in the track pursuit. Great Britain’s first gold medal in fact. You could still smell the fresh paint.

Sarah’s story is quite inspirational, as are most of the paralympians. She first competed in Barcelona as a fourteen year old in 1992, but as a swimmer, coming away with six medals including two gold.

Sarah Storey Commemorative Stamp

Sarah Storey Commemorative Stamp

She switched to cycling in 2005 and now has a combined total of 18 Paralympic medals and she doesn’t plan to hang up her handlebars just yet with her eyes set on Rio.

Born without the use of her left hand, Sarah also competes against able-bodied athletes and won the 3km national track pursuit championship in 2008, just eight days after winning paralympic gold in Beijing.

Her only experience of failure was in January this year when she appeared on Celebrity Mastermind with Sex & the City as her specialist subject. She came last.

Unsurprisingly, she is also a regular on the circuit of motivational speakers.

But the unanswered question this has raised for me is; when did we start calling pillar boxes post boxes?

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  • Francisca 1st September 2012

    I had to go look up “pillar box”… to me (Canadian) they’ve always been mail boxes.

    I heartily congratulate Sarah for her many athletic accomplishments… But I must say (at the risk of being controversial) that without just her left hand she is still more “able-bodied” than 95% of us humans. The only real disability in life may in fact be a lousy attitude.

  • Roger Green 1st September 2012

    Swimming in particular would seem to be easier with two hands, I’m guessing.

  • Magnus Puddingson 1st September 2012

    If you were on “Non-Celebrity Mastermind” I guess your “chosen subject” would be “obscure trivia from time immemorial” but you’d be whupped by Magnus Pudding answering questions on “The History of Pineapple Growing in East Yorkshire 1997 to 1998”. Then they’d paint have to paint our pillar box gold!

  • Mr Parrot 1st September 2012

    The name pillar box comes for the obvious reason that they were/are cast iron pillars. It would be nice to think that they gave us the phrase ‘from pillar to post’!

    Roger is right I guess that Sarah would have found it harder to compete at swimming where she started her career. It is amazing how many athletes switch to cycling from another sport. In Sarah’s case, possibly because she is from Manchester which hosts the main national cycle training centre.

    As for YP, I’ll take ‘obscure trivia from time immemorial’ as a compliment, although as I’ve said before, the reason I write about stuff like that here is because the trivia inevitably slips my mind so the search is my way of being able to recover the things I’ve forgotten!

    I would have thought the Rhubarb Triangle of West Yorkshire would be a better subject for you though.


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