Sovereign of the SeasA sure sign that summer is over and that long, dark nights lie ahead is the appearance of the partworks ads on tv. Or pratworks as I call them.

Three of them have appeared since the August bank holiday came and went. The Art of Crochet for one which promises you a ‘rewarding & relaxing’ hobby, only 99p for issue one which includes two balls of yarn and a getting started DVD.

It doesn’t stay at 99p an issue of course. Issue two is £1.99 and £3.99 a week thereafter for a further 118 weeks, so in two and half years and £355.80 poorer you can be a master of the crochet needle.

If you have deeper pockets (literally and figuratively) there is the Classic Pocketwatches Collection, starting with the ‘Dickens’ in issue one for £2.99.

Should you subscribe you’ll receive another pocketwatch every fortnight, although the price rises to £8.99 after issue two. After 160 weeks you will have a collection that will cost you £710.20, excluding the special display trays which cost £11.99 each.

But the most aggravating is the Build-it-Yourself HMS Sovereign of the Seas partwork from DeAgostini who will send you all the bits to build a 1:84 scale model over 135 issues at a cost of £804.65.

I suppose that this might seem like a bargain compared to the £1,450 for a similar sized model from Admiralty Models, but then they also say: ‘this historic ship model represents a true challenge to the ship model builder.’

In other words, it’s fiddly which DeAgostini don’t tell you, even if the ‘free’ razor saw and mitre, mini clamps and 18v rotary tool kit should give you a clue. And it will take you nine months longer than it took to build the original in 1637.

You could buy one ready made for about £75, but if you really want something to do for the next 30 months see the advert below.

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  • Young Nick Pudding 3rd September 2012

    I’m still constructing the model of Captain Cook’s “Endeavour” that I bought in 1978. Then I’ve got to paint the bugger.

  • Mr Parrot 3rd September 2012

    And they don’t supply the bloody paint either!

  • matthewsmodelmarine 31st December 2012

    Exuuuuuse me? Would you please enlighten me, as to why YOUR value judgements are better than mine? I’m a model ship builder by hobby, and rather enjoy fiddly work… I take pride in finishing jobs that those with the attention span of a budgie could never come close to.
    And yes I have a horse in this race- I’m building said Sovereign as we speak… otherwise I never would have bothered coming here after Googling the issue. But feel free to drop by MY blog and let me know what else I should spend £800 on… perhaps a Nikon camera would satisfy you? Maybe an Apple product? Oh no, that will be obsolete in 3 years, whereas my choice will last a lifetime after completion.
    Let’s play a game… tell me what’s the last thing YOU dropped 800 on as a elective purchase… and I’ll tell you if I think it was worth it!

    • Mr Parrot 31st December 2012

      I guess my value judgements are better than yours on this page because it’s my blog and so I outrank you! Seriously though, my real point was the inflated cost of buying such a model as a part work, but that’s your choice.


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