Fallen Angels

Christ on the CrossI went back to Gorton Monastery this afternoon on the pretext of completing my set of photographs of the twelve Franciscan saints, but in fact I have become a little obsessed with the place and wanted to get buy some more of their literature.

Not only is it an impressive Gothic-style structure, its architecture has its secrets, like way that the light from the high clerestory windows exactly picks out the saints on their pedestals, matching them in both width and height.

Or the schematic of the church and friary laid out in the pattern of the tiles in the aisle to a 1/72nd scale, or the inevitable Fibonacci Series, or Golden Ratio that governs the design.

I would write more about that, but it involves numbers that increase in length after the decimal point so I have more studying to do. It’s very Dan Brown!

I got my photos though and I’m quite proud of the Christ on the Cross image above having got it pretty much to line up with the ceiling timbers and the stone arch that leads to the altar.

And as you wander round, you begin to see angels everywhere, many of them worn away from the years of neglect, but preserved as they were rediscovered, along with peeling wallpaper and fading paintwork

Below is a photo gallery of some of the fallen angels of Gorton.

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  • Caedmon Pudding 17th September 2012

    Yes the first image is most striking. Well captured sir! You say you keep being drawn back to the monastery. This is a clear sign from the Lord himself that you should serve him as a new monk – Brother Ian! It will be your job to turn back the tide of godlessness that has washed over Greater Manchester, drawing new monks into the fold and renouncing all earthly pleasures. Mrs Parrots will have to take up embroidery, paragliding or blogging – “Scraping Carrots” perhaps.

  • Mr Parrot 17th September 2012

    Thank you for those kind word YP. I must say that the monastic life holds some appeal and Mrs P agrees that getting me out from under her feet would be welcome. One would have chance to think and come up with bright ideas, not unlike Giordano Bruno who is something of a hero of mine. It’s just all that prayer and meditation stuff that gets in the way.

  • Elizabeth 18th September 2012

    Beautiful photographs, Ian, but what I really loved was this exchange between you and YP. Thank you for the laughter. x


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