Left Deflated

Scarecrow in the Kitchen Garden

Scarecrow in the Kitchen Garden

If you’ve wondered why you don’t run into so many people with silly high-pitched, Joe Pasquale voices these days, I can enlighten you. There is a national shortage of helium.

I only discovered this today when I revisited Tatton Hall. Ever since we went there over the August bank holiday weekend, I promised myself that the next time the skies were blue, I’d return to photograph the Pont de Singe exhibit.

Well the sky did eventually turn blue, but them so did I when I found out that the exhibit had been dismantled before the Tatton biennial ends on 30 September and all because of the shortage of helium.

It’s all the fault of the American, of course. Almost all the world’s helium is produced there and the plants have been closed for maintenance. This has resulted in inflated prices (geddit?) that could see the demise of the party balloon within ten years. (See the Independent article)

But back to Tatton, I made the most of it with photos of other things, like the scarecrow above in the kitchen garden, but I still couldn’t help feeling deflated.

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  • katherine 22nd September 2012

    Some months ago my two sons were overheard sadly discussing this shortage. Helium balloons were their great delight for many years, although to my knowledge they’ve never done the voice thing. I think it was the demise of a fantasy that saddened them.

  • Confucius Pudding 23rd September 2012

    As I tramp the countryside – even in the highest, most isolated places – I frequently come across deflated party balloons. I found one amidst the peat groughs on Kinder Scout. They are a kind of pollution. Just as The Dome speaks of our ephemeral architecture so the deflated helium balloon speaks of our throwaway relationship with Nature.


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