Tatton Park

Blue SkiesI wanted to include this photo as a reminder that we did see some blue skies during the summer of 2012, even if this particular one didn’t arrive until 22nd September.

It sat over Cheshire for most of the day yesterday (it looked cloudier to the east) and the couple who had arranged to hold their wedding reception at Tatton Hall were lucky indeed.

As for me, I was just happy to make use of my camera and Mrs P was able to indulge my snap-happiness without complaining that I was slowing us down.

Anyway, below is a gallery of my photographic efforts at Tatton Park. Click on them to enlarge.

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  • Judge Pudding 23rd September 2012

    A really lovely and varied collection of Tatton photos. Thanks for sharing. Some of your pictures are “unexpected” – surprising angles and close-ups. You have a very good eye…hang on – what am I doing inflating your ego like a helium balloon! I must have had a funny turn!

  • john 23rd September 2012

    as you know, I have recently visited Tatton and I must admit your photos have done the place proud… truly lovely …

  • vicky 21st January 2014

    hello my name is Victoria Howard. i am a year 11 student from st pauls and i would like to use your photo for my betc ict. thank you

    • Mr Parrot 22nd January 2014

      Hello Vicky – please feel free to use any photos on my site for you course work and good luck with it.

      • vicky 24th January 2014

        Thank you. 🙂


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