The Thick of It

Peter Mannion

The one upside of the darker nights and weather to hide indoors from is that there is at least some better programmes on the telly.

I’m looking forward to the second series of Homeland that airs here next month, and Hunted which looks to be the natural successor to Spooks on the BBC.

On a more cerebral note, I watched the first episode of Andrew Marr’s History of the World on iPlayer earlier today and enjoyed it, if only for its ambition. Okay, so it’s a bit ‘Discovery Channel’, but then it is part funded by the Discovery Channel.

My favourite though is the return of the splendid docu-comedy The Thick of It and the hapless minister, Peter Mannion, and the malevolent Malcolm Tucker.

It’s very sweary, of course, but the sweariness is both creative and true to life from my experience. I’ve had call to spend time in Whitehall in the past and the denizens of that cloistered world could make a docker blush.

That was under Labour, but I’ve no reason to think things have changed. Nor that the policy gurus have gone away and are still running their ‘Thought Camps’ and ‘imagineering’.

The coalition UK government has opened up a whole vista for the programme’s satire and I’m beginning to think that political life is starting to imitate art as the Guardian observes today.

Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell

But it’s the ongoing Gategate row is pure Thick of It and Andrew Mitchell looks not so dissimilar to Peter Mannion that he could join the cast without make-up.

Meanwhile, Grant Schapps must be rubbing his hands because the ‘pleb’ furore has taken the glare off his own shenanigans, like posing as a web guru or forgetting where he was born.

David Cameron must feel like he’s broken a vanity mirror or walked under a political ladder or something.

And there’s rub – I have to consult the tv guide to check if I’m watching The Thick of It or Newsnight before deciding whether to laugh or cry.

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  • Pleb Pudding 24th September 2012

    That Mitchell geezer is a slippery eel isn’t he? I mean, why should the copper who was the victim of Mitchell’s tongue-lashing lie about what was said? He had nothing to lose but Mitchell has plenty to lose – the lying toerag! I was gripped by the first series of “Homeland”. Is it going to dominate my Sunday nights again? It broke my habit of always attending the local pub quiz on a Sunday evening.
    Time in Whitehall, eh? You mean they had to bring coachloads of cleaners all the way from south Manchester?

  • Mr Parrot 24th September 2012

    Mitchell is an idiot. He should have owned up to the lot, apologised and organised a PR opportunity with the coppers, having a laugh and joke. Then it would have all blown over. But his timing couldn’t have been worse, happening on the day when his boss was in Manchester in the aftermath of the police murders.

    Yes Homeland was gripping and it will be interesting to see where they take it from here, As long as it doesn’t turn out to be another Fugitive!

    As for my time in Whitehall and the cleaners, well you might say so, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

  • Chrissy Brand 25th September 2012

    Have only ever seen a few extracts from ITTOI but am sure it would appeal to my cynicism.
    Will try and catch it and earlier series online…


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