This is the latest addition to the Parrot household menagerie, a six week old puppy called Reggie. Actually he belongs to my sister-in-law so he is just a day visitor as she brings her dogs to work and she works with Mrs P from our home.

Reg is a Jackadoodle, one of those cutsie portmanteau names for a Jack Russell/Poodle cross. Back in the day that used to be known as a mongrel.

They’re also known a Jackapoos, but that might have more to do with their toilet habits. Personally, I think a Jackoodle would be more correct, a bit like a Liger or a Tigon.

Anyway, he’s very cute and both Mrs and Miss P has fallen in love with him. A sense a new puppy for us in the offing.

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  • Pimp Pudding 25th September 2012

    Aw! What a cute little fellow! Is he named after the presenter Reggie Yates? What homeworking do the two sisters actually do? I might be able to drum up more business for them.

  • Brianna Asaro Photography 25th September 2012

    Awww… what a sweet pup! I’ve never been to Stockport, but I’ve been just about everywhere else in England. Lived for a couple summers in Hull. Just found your blog today and it’s great! I love reading about your life, adventures, etc. You are an excellent writer! Kiss Reggie for me!

  • Mr Parrot 25th September 2012

    YP: I’m sure you could drum up more business with the sort of company you keep. And Mrs P would certainly appreciate the design and print work which is what they actually do!


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