Negative Vibes

Negative VibesI’ve been rather busy over the past few days and it’s likely to continue, so I may not be posting much for a short while. But while I’m away, I thought I’d leave you with the neat little optical illusion that landed in my in-box today.

It is quite simple. Click on the image on the left to enlarge then focus on the red dot on the woman’s nose for thirty second or so.

Then look at a plain wall and blink a few times and your brain will turn that negative image into a positive one. Well I liked it.

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  • Illusionary Pudding 30th September 2012

    Oh Good Lord! She floats around! She’s trying to get me! Aaaarggghh!
    ….Busy doing what I wonder? The mind boggles. Another cleaning contract in Whitehall? Wink-wink.

  • Roger Green 1st October 2012

    Always good to be positive.

  • Chrissy Brand 2nd October 2012

    Clever, only had to stare for 10 secs and it worked. Our minds are easily deceived…


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