Romney the Good European

Martin Kaymer celebrates his winning pointI found myself reading Andrew Sullivan’s column late tonight on Mitt Romney’s chances of reviving his presidential challenge through the forthcoming televised debates and all because I seem to have developed superstition.

Not about the US election, you understand (it’s Obama’s to lose surely) but over golf of all things.

I’d watched very little of the Ryder Cup yesterday because my dad had been visiting for a birthday meal and I didn’t really tune in until around 9:30 between various jobs. And every time I did, one of the European players would miss a putt, or land in the sand, splosh in some water, or an American would do something incredible.

So I got it into my head that success or failure for Europe depended entirely on whether I was watching or not which is why I took myself away from a tv set with the Sunday Times News Review to read about Mitt and it worked a treat.

Not that I really expected it to. I know as much about golf as I do about Bo-taoshi or Buzkashi but I do know that Europe’s strength has been in the first two days of four ball and foursomes which are team games and that the Americans are better suited to the individual, head to head matches of the third day.

Starting Sunday four points behind did not bode well, but the European did it by holding their nerve when they were playing on their own, mano a mano.

I hope they remember that they have me to thank for studying American politics rather than watching on tv. And if anyone needs another reason not to vote for Romney, well he just lost the Ryder Cup for Team USA.

(If you like a giggle, read this post by ESPN blogger Gene Wojciechowski)

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  • Mitt Pudding 1st October 2012

    Oh the golf was magical! As they say – you couldn’t have made it up. Commiserations to all American visitors to this humble Mancunian blog…. Regarding Romney, is he named after Romney Marsh in East Sussex – a wetland area of mudbanks, briny rivulets, reedbeds and saltmarshes where Romney Marsh sheep graze and defecate? Sounds like a description of the poor chap’s brain!

  • Mr Parrot 1st October 2012

    From what I’ve read, Mitt’s main problem is that he isn’t his father who had that gift rarely found in modern politicians – sincerely held beliefs.

  • john 1st October 2012

    I never understood the draw of Golf…
    never have
    never will


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