For Yorkshire Pudding

Aston Martin DB9I’ve been too busy to blog again and with nothing to blog about, so here is a special treat for that petrolhead Yorkshire Pudding – a photo of my son belting round the track in an Aston Martin DB9.

If the advertising career works out Pudding old chum, you too might have one of these to take you up to the moors!

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  • Jenson Pudding 7th October 2012

    Dear Parrothead,
    Thank you for this thoughtful gift. You know how obsessed I am with fast vehicles. It all began with my Dinky and Corgi cars. The gift is co-incidentally most timely coming as it does on the eve of my umpteenth birthday.
    Yours zoomingly,
    P.S. I thought Formula One was dried baby milk.

  • rhymeswithplague 7th October 2012

    As we sometimes say in the States, “What am I, chopped liver?”

    I prefer a Lamborghini or a Ferrari….

  • Jenson Pudding 7th October 2012

    Aw! Go on – give Mr Plague a picture of the 1932 Model T he dreamt of as a boy. After all, he is NOT chopped liver!

  • Mr Parrot 7th October 2012

    I can’t manage a 1932 Model T, but there are some others that might interest Mr Plague.


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