Darnton BuildingI had started to write that life was returning after Mrs P’s hip replacement and she was discharged home on Saturday, but it seems I spoke too soon.

The operation was a success and Mrs P is already pretty nifty on her crutches. The problem has been the anti-DVT drug that she has to inject herself with every day for the next month.

She has a sort of neuralgic reaction soon after the injection which had the doctor scratching his head when we went back to the hospital yesterday. He insisted that Mrs P be readmitted so they could see it for themselves.

The upshot was another night in a hospital bed and hopefully Mrs P will be back home today once they have found an alternative drug regime. Ironic really since the original she was using is manufactured by Pfizer, one of her favourite business clients.

Anyway, it was such a beautiful day yesterday that I whiled away some of the time by taking photographs at the hospital. That’s one of them above, part of the original infirmary built in 1860.

I should stress that it isn’t actually used to treat patients in these days and hasn’t been for a long time. It was used as offices for the hospital bosses for many years, but is now empty and will either be demolished or sold.

The building Mrs P was treated in was opened last year and structures like the Darnton Building are relics of the hospital’s long history.

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  • Hospital Pudding 22nd October 2012

    Sorry to hear that Mrs P has had a bit of a setback. Most hospital visitors take grapes, flowers or chocolates and sit at bedsides earnestly gripping their loved ones’ hands…but you, you see such visits as photo opportunities – strolling in the grounds and making historical notes! What’s wrong with you man?

  • Mr Parrot 22nd October 2012

    I was waiting for matron to permit me to enter at the allotted visiting time!

  • Roger Green 22nd October 2012

    Sorry for her additional ailment; I understand the surgery itself can be life-changing.

  • Francisca 22nd October 2012

    Mr P… there is nothing wrong with you… Hospital Pudding is just too funny! LOL! But I do hope Ms P is feeling better.

  • Katherine 25th October 2012

    Is she home yet? Sending healing thoughts.

  • Mr Parrot 25th October 2012

    Katherine: Mrs P’s hip and leg is still sore as you would expect, but she is walking better every day. However, she is still in hospital regarding her reaction to some of the associated drug therapy, but she shouldl be home by the weekend.


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