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Giraffes at Children's OutpatientsScary places though hospitals can be, it’s surprising how quickly you can start to feel at home if you visit often enough. For me that means looking for things to photograph. And having shown some of the old buildings at Tameside Hospital the other day, I thought I should balance things out with some of the new.

On the left are the giraffe sculptures that stand above the entrance to children’s outpatients. As you can see from the windows, I took this one in the evening when it was closed – I didn’t want to be accused of any Savilesque impropriety.

Check-inOn the right is the reception desk darkened for the night. Hospitals become strangely silent and serene spaces once the hustle and bustle of the day has ended.

I was visiting Mrs P, of course, and hopefully she will be back home today after her remaining tests.

I must say that the nursing care has been excellent and the added bonus of Mrs P’s extended stay is that it has given her an opportunity to recover from her hip operation, not that she’ll be running a marathon any time soon. If she were, she really would be the Bionic Woman!

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  • Roger Green 26th October 2012

    all the best to your better half

  • Holby City Pudding 26th October 2012

    NURSE I saw your husband in the reception area.
    MRS PARROTS What was he doing?
    NURSE Taking photos in a Savilesque kind of way.
    MRS PARROTS Is he coming up to see me?
    NURSE He said he might not make it as he’d spotted some interesting subjects like those battered old papier-mache giraffes.
    MRS PARROTS (Tearful) That’s, that’s… disappointing.
    NURSE There there Doris, don’t cry! Oh and he nipped my bum and said he’s always liked women in nurses’ outfits.
    MRS PARROTS Whaaaaa! Whaaaaa!

  • pianokitty 26th October 2012

    OMG she’s still there?! Damn! Poor Mrs P! I haven’t been getting the parrot page in my fb newsfeed for a while and only yesterday realised that this is because of fb ‘policy’ rather than avian silence… Please give her my love <3

  • Mr Parrot 27th October 2012

    Thanks B. It’s a longer story than I’ve written about here, but Mrs P is now back home and happy!


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