A Stroll in the Park

Chadkirk FootbridgeThe one good thing about Mrs P’s extended stay in hospital is that is gave her chance to rest and recuperate after her operation, so much so that she was pretty nimble on her feet by the time she came home.

Or at least as nimble as anyone can be when they have to use crutches.

She slept well on Friday night and was able to cope with the shower without help, before settling down with the remote and catch-up tv for a Helicopter Heroes marathon.

I knew it couldn’t last and by the afternoon she decided that a constitutional stroll was in order and as it was such a beautiful day I drove her to the nearby Chadkirk Country Park. And of course I took my camera.

We started by crossing the new footbridge that opened in the summer. Above is a section of a panorama shot I took of it and you can see the whole thing if you click to enlarge the image.

Emboldened by the absence of discomfort, Mrs P lead the way through one of the footpaths through the woods that took us to St Chad’s Chapel and as it was quiet, I took a few photos inside.

All in all,it was a most pleasant stroll and I think Mrs P felt the benefit. Below is a gallery of the photos I took which you can click to enlarge.

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  • Fungi Pudding 28th October 2012

    How wonderful that Mrs Parrots is already up to recuperative walks. However, “minders” don’t usually snap pictures when looking after people who have just emerged from serious hospital operations.
    MRS P. Ian! Ian! I have fallen over!
    MR P. Hang on love I’m just getting a close-up of this fungi!

  • pianokitty 28th October 2012

    Why the single boot? Is there something we should know?

  • Mr Parrot 28th October 2012

    YP: Being overly solicitous doesn’t help anyone!

    B: The lost child’s was just sitting on a stone waiting to be collected.

  • Roger Green 29th October 2012

    I love those days when you’re a little sick or injured, but not permanently, and are well enough to read or watch TV.

  • Francisca 29th October 2012

    What a glorious day – and place! – for a stroll with a camera…! Lovely shots, Mr P. I relate to Ms P’s feeling rested after her hospital sojourn. It always surprised me – the few times I’ve needed to stay in hospitals – how thoroughly “slept” I felt. Even though I’m a great sleeper, I wonder why it normally never feels quite like that… Glad she’s up for the walk. And today, have a specially wonderful one, Mr P… 🙂

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 29th October 2012

    The single boot looks a tad ominous!

    Beautiful place, beautiful photos – I’m glad to hear Mrs P was up to a gentle stroll. Looks like a lovely autumn day, too!

  • Elizabeth 29th October 2012

    Another wonderful set of pictures, Ian, and I’m so glad that Mrs P is on the mend. x

  • Chrissy Brand 1st November 2012

    Hope Mrs P gets well soon- looks a lovely place,


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