The Name’s Bond, Saint Bond

SkyfallWith all the hullabaloo about Skyfall, it is quite fitting that today is the feastday of Saint Bond, a 7th century hermit venerated in Sens, France.

I bring this up as a not so subtle excuse to also mention that today was my birthday and to thank everyone who sent me good wishes. I did wonder how you all knew until I remembered Facebook.

To be truthful, it hasn’t been the best of days. We went to the funeral of someone who was once our nextdoor neighbour and a close family friend for many years.

She was aged only 50 and was cut down by motor neurone disease which has to be one of God’s cruellest jokes played on the world. As you can imagine, I’m not in the most cheerful of moods, so I’ll leave it here and hope for a more cheery tomorrow.

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  • Roger Green 30th October 2012

    I have never seen a Bond film in the cinema in my life. Saw parts of films on TV…

  • Oddjob Pudding 30th October 2012

    I’m with Mr Green and can proudly boast that I have also never suffered a Bond film. Regarding your 65th birthday – I hope I am not too late to wish you many happy returns – whatever that might mean!

  • john 30th October 2012

    I know motor neurone disease all too well. 11 months ago my brother died of it.
    he too was young
    he was 57.
    chin up

  • Elizabeth 30th October 2012

    I’ve never seen anything Bondy and don’t have any inclination to, but I do hope that your spirits are lifting, Ian, and I wish you the very best for your coming year’s journey on this odd, unpredictable, sometimes deeply cruel and impossible to comprehend, but also sometimes astoundingly rewarding and joyful, planet of ours. x

  • Mr Parrot 30th October 2012

    On the basis of these comments, I can only conclude that three out of four people hate the Bond movies. (John’s reply might make him a ‘don’y know’ but I do know he went to see Skyfall last week.)

  • Trevor Rowley 31st October 2012

    Being proud of never having seen a James Bond film or not having the inclination to do so does sound dreadfully snobbish. I’m sure I can hear, somewhere, “Look at me everybody, I’m an intellectual.” Why do people feel the need to make the comment in the first place?

    • Mr Parrot 31st October 2012

      To be honest with you Trevor, I find it hard to believe that anyone has never seen a Bond film, at least in passing, given how often they’re on television. And these days there is even a Bond channel on Sky!


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