Sun Shines on the Righteous

St PeterI’ve been sitting by the phone for two days now waiting to hear from Messrs Romney and Obama about my sensible plan to extend the franchise in electing the ‘leader of the free world’.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I’m guessing that they’re busy right now, what with wooing the still undecided voters of Coshocton and Cuyahoga, although if I’m honest, the comments of their respective representatives were not exactly what you would call encouraging.

But I can’t wait around while the Americans remain obstinately obsessed with their internal politics, especially when the skies are clear and the sun is shining as it has been today. (Where was it in summer when we needed it?)

We can tell that Mrs P is recovering some of her usual energy when she starts to become irritable and restless, so our daughter decided that today was the day for them to enjoy afternoon tea at Marks & Spencer. This was on them as they had sent Mrs P a voucher as a birthday present and, as luck would have it, this was the last day it could be redeemed.

Anyway, I agreed to drive them in to Stockport and while they busied themselves with Earl Grey, salmon and cucumber sandwiches and jam scones and clotted cream, I made myself scarce with my camera.

There is a gallery of my photos below. You may be wondering why I’ve included those of gravestones at St Mary’s Church. Well for one, I liked the skull and crossbones motif on one of them and for another they are a reminder that we were doing quite nicely back home, long before the colonialists thought about democracy.

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  • Grover C. Pudding 6th November 2012

    Earl John Gray was in Stockport M&S! Wow! I hope Madam Parrots and Miss Parrots grabbed his autograph!
    P.S. I have noticed “The Crown Inn” when passing through Stockport in the past. Well-captured sir!

    • Mr Parrot 7th November 2012

      Thanks YP. I should try to catch the Crown Inn on a Sunday. The best place to take the photo from is beyond the garage that faces it so it’s otherwise hard to avoid getting cars in the shot!

  • Roger Green 6th November 2012

    Both campaigns are taking your plans “under advisement,’ which means don’t call them, they’ll call you.

    • Mr Parrot 7th November 2012

      Thank you Roger – I am well aware of what politicians mean when they use the euphemism ‘under advisement’. I had a boss who was more direct and would write WPB at the top of proposals that he was taking under advisement. Of course it stood for Waste Paper Bin!

  • Chrissy Brand 6th November 2012

    Great photos- Stockport has some gems…

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 7th November 2012

    These lovely pictures make me want to come and see Stockport for myself!

    I love old gravestones, especially those with pictures! We have some like that in our local churchyard. Which reminds me; I am researching my family history, and really need to get away for another graveyard trip! It’s the only way, sometimes, once you get back to before the time of consistent birth, marriage and death records.


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