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Blue LightsIf proof were needed that our new Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd, is desperately need to get a grip of law and order in Greater Manchester, it is this story from Emergency Shorts.

A police worker in Stockport was looking for the Police Constable World whose name had cropped up in the evidence forms she was dealing with. The name was unfamiliar, so she sent out an APB to track him down.

To her immense embarrassment, it was pointed out that the PC World she was seeking was actually the crime scene and not the name of the investigating officer.

It reminded me of an incident many years ago when a reader of the Guardian wrote to complain about their report of a rape committed by a taxi driver on a passenger. The complainant felt it was unnecessary to refer to the culprits ethnicity which she felt simply reinforced racial stereotypes.

The editor responded politely that the phrase ‘black cab driver’ that they’d used referred to the colour of the taxi, and not the driver.

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  • Minced Parrot Pudding 19th November 2012

    At primary school, the class teacher (my father) asked us to name some great composers. Joyce Collingwood stuck her hand up and in all seriousness suggested… Albert Hall!

  • Roger Green 19th November 2012

    damn multiple adjectives!


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