T is for Tanita Tikaram

This is my contribution to Round Eleven of ABC Wednesday and again I am focusing on people, some famous, some infamous and some half-forgotten.

Tanita TikaramThe letter T gives me an opportunity to write briefly about one of my favourite singers of the 1980s and to feature a rather excellent song and video.

Tanita Tikaram is the daughter of a Malaysian mother, Fatimah Rohani, and an Indo-Fijian father, Pramod Tikaram. She was born in Münster, Germany, in 1969, due to her father’s military career, but moved to Basingstoke in England in her early teens.

She studied A-level politics, sociology and English at college and had won a place at Manchester University, but by then her singing career had begun to take over.

Tikaram was spotted by WEA Records while singing in nightclubs and they released her début album, Ancient Heart, in 1988 when she was just eighteen. It reached number 3 in the UK album chart with double platinum sales.

She has recorded and toured ever since and her eighth studio album, Can’t Go Back, was released in September this year.

Video StillIt is worth mentioning that she is the sister of the actor Ramon Tikaram and the great-niece of Sir Moti Tikaram, who was the first Lord Chief Justice of an independent Fiji and was the world’s longest-serving national ombudsman.

But back to the music and Ancient Heart. I could have featured Tikaram’s rather jolly ‘Good Traditiontrack but I’ve gone instead for the more sombre ‘Twist in my Sobriety’ because of the beautiful award-winning sepia-coloured video directed by Gerard de Thame set in a rural village in the Bolivian Altiplano.

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  • Roger Green 28th November 2012

    A friend in the music biz used to occasionally send me music, mostly people I never heard of. One was TT’s 1990 album The Sweet Keeper.

  • Carol 28th November 2012

    Wonderful post and music ~ one I have not heard ~ thanx ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  • Leslie 28th November 2012

    I have not heard of her, but will check out her music.

    abcw team

  • Chrissy Brand 28th November 2012

    Well, there’s a blast from the past. I had forgotten all about her- interesting she nearly went to MMU – we would have been part of the same intake. 😉

  • Fiji Pudding 28th November 2012

    I haven’t heard her (or of her) for years. Great song and thanks for sharing it with your loyal readership.

  • john 28th November 2012

    I remember her
    she never smiled a great deal as I recall

  • rhymeswithplague 28th November 2012

    As I was saying the other day to one of my many Indo-Fijian friends, “Whatever happened to Tanita Tikaram?”


  • Kate 28th November 2012

    Great information and music. Now I’ll have to google her to see what happened to her, which seems to be a compelling question about her. Kate, ABC TEAM


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