Etherow WeirI have been a rather quiet blogger so far this month. Not only haven’t I been posting myself, but I haven’t been keeping up with my regular reading either.

I can put it down to many things, in particular Mrs P’s ongoing recovery from her hip operation. There is nothing so dull as other people’s ailments, just to say that it is nothing drastic, but it is taking time.

Part of the recovery is taking the occasional gentle stroll and above is a photo I took at the weekend when we had a wander round Etherow Country Park. It shows the weir where the River Goyt bends to feed the keg pool.

Something else that took up a lot of my time last week was a new gizmo I bought to transfer video to my PC. I got it because it was better than half price, but I hadn’t really thought it through. Like whether I still had a video player or not.

We used to have quite a good player and I was sure that I had put it away in the garage on the grounds that I rarely throw anything away, but I couldn’t find it.

I eventually managed to borrow one from my sister that was tucked away in her loft and set about transferring a small mound of tapes to video and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the recordings considering they were over twenty years old.

But you’ll be pleased to hear that I won’t be posting them to YouTube. If there is one thing more boring than other people’s ailments, it’s videos of other people’s children!

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Jennyta 10th December 2012

    I do hope Mrs SP will continue to make good progress. Make sure you look after her well! 😉

  • Roger Green 10th December 2012

    I’ll bet you have SOMETHING YouTube-able
    (Is that a word? It is if I say so…)

  • john 10th December 2012

    real life sometimes gets in the way of blog writing and reading!
    we’ll all be here when you return to both!
    best wishes

  • Sherlock Pudding 11th December 2012

    Rumour has it that some of your old tapes are quite salacious – almost pornographic – and that is the prime reason why you won’t be sharing them on YouTube – so please don’t pretend otherwise. Your loyal readership knows you too well!

  • Trevor Rowley 11th December 2012

    What Mr P isn’t telling you (and I feel sure he’ll know this) is that the Goyt flows from the High Peak and Buxton, joining up with another river, the Etherow, which comes down from the moors above Hollingworth. The combined river meets up with the Tame which flows down from the Yorkshire moors above Saddleworth. This meeting is in the centre of Stockport and is the commencement of the river Mersey which, as we know, flows westerly across the Cheshire Plain to Liverpool and all points west. Now, if someone had decided to dam up the Mersey at Stockport (let’s just say the Romans about 2,000 years ago), it would have made one hell of a mess and might have meant no river Mersey (and no Beatles, no Cilla, no Gerry…the list would go on forever).


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