Musket, Pipe and Drum

Traditional NRA ValuesTraditional NRA ValuesYet another crazy shooting spree in the US once again raises the debate about whether or not the country needs gun control which will be opposed by the Republicans and the powerful NRA lobby and fizzle out until the next time.

Speaking as an outsider, it does seem odd and by ‘outsider’ I mean someone who lives in a country where it isn’t a constitutional right to wander around bearing weapons of mass destruction.

But it does give me a degree of objectivity on the issue that might be lacking if you’re a US citizen and I think I have a solution that will satisfy both sides of the debate.

The whole right to bear arms business entered the national psyche after the War of Independence when it was important to be able to call on an armed militia to put against any foreign aggressor and that really should be the starting point.

The right to bear arms was enshrined in the constitution so why don’t they go back to that with a law that says you can, as long as it is a musket and ball weapons of that vintage.

Should some maniac then decide to go on the rampage, chances are they’ll blow their own head off rather than anyone else’s. But even if the musket works as it should, they only get one shot before having to spend sixty seconds or so reloading in which time the police could intervene and give them a damned good thrashing.

Surely the NRA couldn’t object. It’s a tradition after all. Oh, and it might also give the deer and the grizzlies a fighting chance.

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  • Sniper Pudding 16th December 2012

    I applaud your creative solution to America’s quandary re. guns but I have another answer. Forget the right to bear arms, instead they should arm bears. Black bears and grizzlies are renown for their inability to shoot straight and their big bear paws even make it difficult for them to squeeze gun triggers…RIP the lost little children of Newtown.

  • Mr Parrot 16th December 2012

    I like it Mr Pudding!

  • Jennyta 16th December 2012

    Given the ridiculousness of the present situation, SP, I think your solution has a lot of potential.

  • Roger Green 17th December 2012

    I believe that it’s actually the right to bare arms; i.e., sleeveless. That MAY be a fashion faux pas, but we can live with it, literally.

  • rhymeswithplague 17th December 2012

    I do not mean to sound bellicose (because I’m not), especially in the wake of the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut, but phraseology is everything. What you call “weapons of mass destruction” (and they are in some people’s hands”) could also be called “a means of self-defense” (which they could have been in Newtown).

    Your argument about the Second Amendment vis-a-vis forming a militia is one the left in this country always trot out. The right tend to quote Thomas Jefferson (you may have heard of him): “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” So it’s not about supporting a benevolent government through a militia; it’s about the ability to resist a malevolent government through a militia. I realize this is probably incomprehensible to most of you in Britain. But then, yours was the government we were resisting.

    This is also a far cry from making arms available to mass murderers, but I trust you get my point.

    • Mr Parrot 22nd December 2012

      I was being deliberately provocative in my phraseology of course. But I’m interested, if the people are ‘to protect themselves against tyranny in government’ and it referred to foreign rule, is it now read to mean their own government?

  • rhymeswithplague 21st December 2012

    I would also like to refer you to the following lengthy but very informative article on the Second Amendment:


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