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TweetTweetOne of the slightly disturbing aspects of the Connecticut shooting was the role played by social media.

It seems that when no-one in the media knows what’s going on, they turn to Twitter to report what other people think is going on, even though they don’t.

While all was confusion, the BBC had a social media correspondent whose job it was to gather up all the rumour, speculation and reaction that people posted on Twitter and Facebook and then report it as fact.

It’s called citizen journalism, though really it is more like the gossip you might hear in the local pub, but on a global scale.

Twitter gossip can be dangerous stuff, of course, as we’ve seen now that Lord McAlpine is suing Sally Bercow for libel for her tweeted innuendo about his sexual peccadilloes.

And Twitter is so insidious these days. You can’t watch quiz shows like Million Pound Drop without has tag comments, such as ‘way to go Charlie’ appearing at the bottom of the screen. They add nothing to the programme other than to prove that it’s live.

At this point I should confess that I have a Twitter account that I ignore pretty much all the time. I just couldn’t imagine who would interested in what I was having for lunch in the same way that I’m not interested in the 140 character wisdom of celebrities and wannabes.

However, if Twitter has one saving grace it is the one-liner joke and just to show that I’m not a total Tweetophobe, here are a few I read about last week:

  • How many Chinese whispers does it take to change a light bulb? Steven.
  • In order to catch a bus, first one must think like a bus.
  • Due to an autocorrect cock-up,  my time machine only lets me travel into the furniture.
  • The best thing about alcohol hand gel in hospitals isn’t the hygiene, but that everyone walks around like they’re hatching a dastardly plot.
  • When the Ring showed up in the Shire, that was an unexpected item in the Baggins area.
  • Andy Carroll, once again looking like someone who’s been given a ‘Professional Footballer Experience’ for a birthday gift.
  • I had a dream that I weighed less that a thousandth of a gram. I was, like, 0mg!
  • Turns out that when you wife’s away for a few days, setting your FB relationship status to ‘it’s complicated’ isn’t as funny as you think it is.
  • If you haven’t got anything interesting to say, post it on Facebook.

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  • Reflective Pudding 17th December 2012

    Feelings can be funny. You don’t decide to have feelings, they just arise without rhyme or real reason. When I first encountered the internet, I was blown away. Immediately, I could see its wonderful potential and I signed up straight away. It was the same with email and blogging. However, something irked me about mobile phones and still does. It has been the same with “Twitter”. I just don’t like it and what it represents. Pared down thoughts and observations scuttling around like locusts or midnight yells in a lunatic asylum. How much better to sit, undisturbed, by a river – watching swans sail by.

    • Trevor Rowley 17th December 2012

      Fantastic comments about mobile phones and Twitter, Mr Pudding. “Pared down thoughts…etc” seems like classical literature. Well composed. I have very little to do with mobile phones (when asked where mine is I usually have to admit to the open-mouthed questioner that I last saw it at the back of the wardrobe) and am amazed how people let these devices take over their lives. Without them, they seem to go to pieces as if they can’t remember what they did before they had one. I have seen the absolute drivel that some people are prepared to share with the world on Twitter and wonder what future generations will make of it all. Give me the open road (and my concessionary bus pass) and I’m on my way out of that door faster than you can say, “Disappearing, all this week, faster than Harry Houdini.” Later on, like a naughty schoolboy, I’ll be home for my tea and I’ll have managed superbly all day without the involvement of any artificial aids.

      • Reflective Pudding 18th December 2012

        But where pray do you go Mr Trevor – with your concessionary bus pass? Come on, tell us her name and what artificial aids you require when you get there!

        • Trevor Rowley 18th December 2012

          As the saying goes, Mr Pudding, chance would be a fine thing.

  • Roger Green 17th December 2012

    Of course, the MSM also got the story wrong in the early days.


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