Mayan Haze

Mayan CalendarThe predicted Mayan Armageddon was a bit of a bust, or at least the afterlife looks and behaves very much like the pre-apocalyptic world. It’s been raining for a start and the Christmas traffic was awful.

Meanwhile over in La-la Land, the NRA has come out and said that kids getting shot has nothing to do with being able to buy military ordnance at the grocery store.

Apparently it’s the fault of the government for not putting an armed response team in every school which of course is a perfectly normal thing to do.

I don’t know how many schools there are in the US – a lot I would imagine – but putting some sort of kinder garden marshal in each one is going to tie up an awful lot of officers who will sit there day after day with their trigger fingers getting rusty.

According to the NRA ‘a child growing up in America witnesses 16,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence by the time he or she reaches the ripe old age of 18’ which makes you wonder how there can be anyone left in the land of the free to kill.

The reality is that there are now so many firearms loose in the US that even if they banned them all tomorrow, it would be several generations before the problem went away.

But I won’t intrude further into private grief and switch to the domestic front of the post-Mayan Apocalypse normality. What is it that the manufacturers of domestic appliances do to them that ensures that they conk out just before Christmas?

Last year it was the cooker hood that gave up the ghost. Mrs P was beside herself at the thought of a kitchen filled with steam from the boiling pan of sprouts and we ended up having a new one fitted on Christmas Eve.

I’ve been on tenterhooks for days waiting for the inevitable white goods crisis and sure enough it happened yesterday when the drier made a series of noises like a light aircraft crashing and then shuddered to a halt.

It was a complete right off when out tame engineer took a look at it, so we went off to buy a new one earlier today and it was delivered and fitted within the hour.

Fingers crossed that that is the only appliance that clicks to its self-destruct date this holiday, although the dishwasher keeps giving me funny looks.

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  • Catapult Pudding 22nd December 2012

    I may be wrong but I believe I detect an iota or whiff of cynicism in your remarks about American gun control. Meanwhile, over here in England (NOT U.K.) it’s about time they outlawed catapults and placed highly trained Group 4 men at school entrances – holding catapults and little muslin bags containing pebbles.

    P.S. “right off ” = write off (You must have been absent from school that day old chap)


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