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Sound of MusicOf all the subjects I haven’t written about over the last few weeks, the one that I should have done is to answer that question you were always asked as a child ‘And what did you get for Christmas?’

There is a reason, other than me being an irregular blogger these days, and that is the sheer pressure of the holiday season.

I opened my presents on Christmas morning with the appropriate appreciative noises, but with the usual round of family commitments it is only now that I’m getting round to enjoying them in detail.

Apart from the usual festive jumpers to keep me warm through the winter months, there was quite an eclectic mix of books, namely:

The last is the fourth volume of unpublished letters to the Daily Telegraph which I have read cover to cover – the contributors are so wonderfully caustic, erudite, pedantic, irritable and entertaining in equal measure. For example:

SIR – My wife frequently threatens to write to the Telegraph about small items of news that irritate her. She never gets round to it. She is annoyed again today and intends to complain to you. She won’t. I promised I would write on her behalf while she is out shopping, but unfortunately I have forgotten what it was that irritated her (there is too much choice).

However, I am sure we will both feel better now that pen has been put to paper.

John Hardy Clarke
Caythorpe, Lincolnshire

For more technologically advanced entertainment there was the boxed set of The Thick Of It DVDs. I’ve written about this BBC docu-comedy before which is one of the best in recent years in my opinion.

But you might not agree if you are a) offended by swearing, b) uninterested in politics or c) living outside the UK.

Should A and B not be a problem for you, but you are a resident of the US then I recommend the film version, In The Loop, which follows the same machinations in London, Washington and New York with James Gondolfini excellent as the general who doesn’t want a war.

Of course, the central premise that the US and UK would go to war in the Middle East on the basis of a dodgy dossier is too ludicrous for words.

My main present though was a decent tripod for my camera. It’s something I’ve havered about for a while. On the one hand, it’s not a piece of equipment I need very often, but when I do my cheap Asda tripod doesn’t really cut it.

So I am now the proud owner of a Manfrotto tripod which I have still to use in anger. Hopefully the weather will improve so I can use it to take some night shots of the Christmas lights.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • gerald 1st January 2013

    Didn’t you do well – all I got was a pair of slippers.

  • gerald 1st January 2013

    Meant to add – happy new year but I mustve hitten wrong key and comment got posted before I could do it – am pleasantly listening to the NYD concert from Vienna on HD – at least the rain has stopped.

  • Roger Green 1st January 2013

    I got music, and books (will write about in due course) and my Hess truck!

  • rhymeswithplague 1st January 2013

    It wasn’t a Christmas present but on New Year’s Eve I got an iphone4S.

  • John 1st January 2013

    Chris got a jigsaw from his sister in law
    I was actually jealous
    I would have loved one
    How strange is that

  • Katherine 1st January 2013

    What a nice, thoughtful bunch of pressies.
    I’ve had The Compleat on my wish-list for ages. Have you read ‘Dodger’? I was at first a little disappointed it wasn’t on the discworld, but I’m now enjoying it for its own sake. It seems to be a biography of Dickens.

  • Trevor Rowley 2nd January 2013

    Wot, no “Fly Fishing” by JR Hartley? I don’t really want to boast about my situation, but I was fortunate to get the boxed DVD set of “Manchester City – The Glory Years”; runs for a generous nine minutes with ample toilet break times included. Then there was the usual “Smoker’s Set” all made of chocolate and confectionery (much healthier than the real thing). All this rounded up with a tangerine and some nuts in the bottom of a sock – aren’t I the lucky bunny? To be honest, it’s Christmas Day every day in our house, it’s mince pies for breakfast, then for lunch, then for tea – we just can’t get enough.


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