Ghost of Christmas Past

Wooden AngelChristmas may be a long time coming, at least for the high street and the supermarkets, but it soon whizzes past doesn’t it?

The midnight chimes of New Year had hardly finished before the Christmas tree that has been gathering dust at our local Morrisons since early November had been taken down to make may way for the Easter display.

I may be exaggerating on the latter, but you’d think that that if they are in such haste to put up the tinsel, they could wait until Twelfth Night before hauling it down again.

Bell DecorationMind you we were late in re-boxing the decorations. It should have been done on Saturday, but we didn’t make a start until yesterday.

It is all rather depressing. Rooms that were bright and gay and festooned with fairy lights suddenly look drab and ordinary, especially with the winter months to come.

In the end we couldn’t bring ourselves to take down the tree just yet because it looks so jolly. Instead I started taking photos of some of the tree decorations as you can see here.

MagusAt the top is a wooden angel that I’d quite like to use for our Christmas card next year, assuming we have our own printed, which we don’t, and remember to post them which we’re also bad at.

Above right is a glass bell thing, hand-painted of course with a rather oriental looking snowman.

But then most decorations come from the east these days, along with the wise men, one of whom you can see above left.

Very appropriate as the magi weren’t meant to turn up until yesterday, so a belated happy Epiphany to you all.

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  • John 7th January 2013

    My decorations Come down on the 27th SP
    Then my christmas is well and truly over x

  • Roger Green 7th January 2013

    Our tree is STILL up!

  • Katherine 7th January 2013

    We have ‘Aftermas’* coming up on the 27th January, so I may put everything up all around the garden for that.

    * Basically our big summer garden party for all our lovely friends and family who were involved in other stuff over the ‘other’ Christmas.

  • Trevor Rowley 8th January 2013

    We seem to forget that Christmas, in the world of the church, is not just one day. It’s a season, to be anticipated, expected and moving towards then moving through and enjoyed. Instead, we are bombarded with every unnecessary vice and distraction known to man (and a few more besides). If I hear that b****y Pogues song ever again I swear I’ll do something I am likely to regret.


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