BlackoutI’m looking rather bleary-eyed today having been up until 4am watching the XLVII Super Bowl from New Orleans on the BBC.

It’s something I done on off for many years and I’m not entirely sure why. I have no great interest in American football, nor can I claim to understand its nuances. And I’d never even heard of the Baltimore Ravens.

I suppose it’s for the sheer spectacle of the event and knowing that it would be well done, which it was but for the lights failing just after the second half started which won’t have done much for the reputation of the stadium or Mercedes which sponsors it.

The half-time entertainment was fun though with that Bouncy woman putting on a good show in her underwear. Very wholesome I’m sure you’ll agree.

But the game itself was not too bad either. I had thought about giving up and going to bed after the the lights went out, what with the Ravens winning so convincingly at the time, but I stuck with it right to the exciting climax.

As I say, I don’t really understand the rules, especially when the many referees start throwing their hankies on the ground. My definite favourite though is when they declare a foul for unnecessary roughness which I imagined was the whole point of the game.

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  • Richie 4th February 2013

    Glad to see a different perspective on this American spectacle. I watched some of the World Cup for some of the same reasons, but still can’t say that it excites me much.
    An Arkies Musings

  • Roger Green 4th February 2013

    Funny. I went to a hockey game about 10 days ago, and came to the same conclusion about a roughing penalty, when crashing into the boards is NOT?

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 5th February 2013

    “My definite favourite though is when they declare a foul for unnecessary roughness which I imagined was the whole point of the game.”

    Ha! Yes – but my own personal favourite is when they penalise a team for celebratory dances after a touchdown. I mean, for heavens’ sake – isn’t that the POINT?? You score, you are happy, you dance!

    If it weren’t for the ‘unnecessary roughness’, ‘horse-collar’, ‘face-masking’, ‘tripping’, etc calls, you’d think they were trying to put over a really macho image, wouldn’t you?


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