International Grumpy Day

International Women's DayGoogle greeted me this morning with a vision of women with strangely shaped heads which was their way of celebrating International Women’s Day.

If it wasn’t for Google I wouldn’t have known it was happening as it isn’t an event that would normally grab my attention. Not that I think International Women’s Day is a bad thing, but it does seem a little harsh to exclude all the millions of parochial women in the world.

But the more I thought about it, the more it irritated my male grumpiness. Why all this for women and not for men? Why isn’t there an International Men’s Day?

But I grumbled too soon because there is, or at least there was one. It was that dissimilar to the distaff version, being about health and ‘improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models’.

I have to say that I found the opening image slightly disconcerting. How can I put this without landing myself in trouble? I have to say that it looked a bit gay, like a men-find-men dating site. Not that I’m an expert on such things.

But back to the international women, it is ironic that its push for equality in a modern progressive world should happen on the same day that the media is full of the Vicky Pryce case.

The jury certainly didn’t buy the notion of marital coercion as the reason she lied over a speeding fine incurred by her husband just because he said it should.

I’m sure that this sort of thing must go on, and that there are some women who live in fear of their partners, but it’s the sexist nature of the law that offends me because it can only be used as a defence by a woman and not a man. And she must be legally married to boot.

But I should leave it there before PC Plod comes hammering down my front door at the crack of dawn to accuse me of thought crime, other than to point out another ironic snippet of news I read today – women are just as bad at multi-tasking as men.

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  • John g 8th March 2013

    International grumpy day?
    Oh do fuck off!

    ( tee hee)

  • Roger Green 8th March 2013

    Well, related to why there’s a Black History Month, there’s an International Women’s Day/Month because the guys have had a leg up (so to speak) for too long.

  • Katherine 9th March 2013

    I agree whole-heartedly. There should be a Parochial Women’s Day. And a Parochial Men’s Day. And a Parochial Dogs’ Day… Huzzah for Parochialism!

  • Jan James 11th March 2013

    Aren’t we all self-centered enough, really, to think that every day is OUR day? I am. I don’t need to share with any sub-category based on sex, religion, ethnicity or personal interest or habits. As long as you don’t come knocking on my door expecting to treat me as your inferior, you are welcome to think every day is YOUR day, too.

  • Chauvinist Pig Pudding 12th March 2013

    On International Women’s Day I thought the idea was that we hot-blooded blokes could nail some foreign totty but the international women I approached in Bangkok were clearly unaware of arrangements and told me to bugger off in various international languages. Ah well, I guess there’s always next year.


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