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Stockport Town Hall

One of my favourite stopping off places is the thrift shop at our local Methodist Church that offers all sorts of second-hand pre-loved items at very reasonable prices.

Sadly, most of the bric-a-brac finds its way there when the houses of recently deceased parishioners are cleared, but I suppose their families have the satisfaction that the proceeds are going towards good causes.

Last week I was able to pick up a rather smart office chair on which to park my derrière while at my computer and it only cost me £5 and I’ve had no end of books from their extensive collection.

Like the 1956 edition of The Reason Why by Cecil Woodham-Smith (a she not a he) which remains my favourite account of the Crimean War, the rivalry between Cardigan and Lucan and its fateful consequences.

I also occasionally add to my wardrobe from the burgeoning clothes rails, although it has to be said that the vintage items aren’t often up to my usual natty style of dress.

The latest addition to my collection of treasures (junk Mrs P calls it) is a DVD produced by our local council in 2008 to mark the centenary of the rather splendid town hall shown above.

It offers a video account of 100 years in the town and its civic and social development. I probably shouldn’t have done, but I loaded it to my YouTube page and here it is for your delectation and education:


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  • Roger Green 18th March 2013

    We used to have used car dealers in the US. Then they got a bad rap because many would rip off customers. Now they are dealers of pre-owned vehicles (and stricter rules are in place).

  • rhymeswithplague 19th March 2013

    Very interesting. I watched part of the video but haven’t found time to sit the entire 32 minutes yet. I do intend to.

    So how does one get one’s own YouTube page? (I am very uninformed.)


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