Totalitarian Football

Paolo DicanioPaulo Di Canio’s appointment as fire sale manager of Sunderland Football Club has thrown the liberal-left media into a complete hissy-fit. How could the national game tolerate a self-confessed fascist in such a high-profile position?

Setting aside the rights and wrongs of Di Canio’s political opinions – and there are more wrongs than rights in my view – I struggle to see why that should affect how he does his job as a football coach.

After all, most of the great football managers have been pretty totalitarian when it comes to the training pitch.

But it’s the idea that Di Canio’s politics will directly influence his squad that I’m looking forward to and the prospect of ten players all playing down the right wing.

If only we could then set up a game with a communist led team with all their players on the left and we’d have all twenty outfield players hugging the same touchline.

Of course both teams would need to select a middle-of-the-road LibDem apiece to play in goal.

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  • Trevor Rowley 2nd April 2013

    He looks like a snarling dog as he bares his teeth. Any clues as to what the message on his tee shirt was? I’ll bet he’s not telling us how much he adores his grandchildren.

    • rhymeswithplague 2nd April 2013

      I clicked on his picture to make it larger, and the message on the T-shirt is definitely in Italian. That doesn’t help me at all, however, as I do not speak Italian.

    • Mr Parrot 2nd April 2013

      I hadn’t attempted to make out the words on Di Canio’s t-shirt, but it appears to be a quotation. I can make out words here and there and after consulting Google translate it seems to be something about two ways to leave the battlefield – with the heads of the enemy without the priory. I think things went amiss at the end!


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