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NotsensiblesHaving seemingly given too much attention to the Ding Dong The Witch is Dead issue last week, it is only fair and in the interest of balance that I also mention I’m in Love with Maggie Thatcher by the Notsensibles.

Supporters of the late Baroness calling themselves I’m In Love With Margaret Thatcher for #1 have pushed the 1979 punk track as a rather frantic paean of praise for the Iron Lady.

I’m not sure if it was entirely the right song given the sentiments behind the lyrics. According to the band it was ‘meant as neither a pro- nor anti-Thatcher song. It revolved around the idea that no-one was too sacred to get the piss taken out of.’

The Notsensibles were one of those not entirely serious punk bands and formed in 1978 in Burnley, Lancashire. One of the founders was lead singer Michael ‘Haggis’ Hargreaves. (When I was young, anyone with the surname Hargreaves or Hague was dubbed with the nickname Haggis.)

The band reformed on 2005 (official website) and I’m in Love featured in the Meryl Streep film, The Iron Lady, in 2011.

Obviously I couldn’t leave this post without playing the song so below is a video specially recorded for Trevor at Hebden Bridge Trades in October last year.


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  • Katherine 16th April 2013

    Um, well, I didn’t really like that song… Sorry.

    • Mr Parrot 16th April 2013

      It isn’t one I’d put on my iPod either Katherine, but it’s fun to listen to once, especially when they rhyme Thatcher with eye-catcher!

  • Trevor Rowley 16th April 2013

    From what I’ve read about the “goings on” in Hebden Bridge, the locals (the “ethnics”, whose families had been there since the Plug Riots, the Luddites, the Chartist Movement, the Peterloo Massacre – I think you get my drift) are now getting heartily cheesed off with the influx of the Inteligentsia in the last few decades. House prices escalate, young couples in relatively low paid jobs can’t afford these top prices and invariably get forced to move out of the area – thus ending their family history in those parts (they probably move to Manchester where the Inteligentsia came from).

    • Mr Parrot 16th April 2013

      I blame Last of the Summer Wine Trevor – they were a bunch of radicals and subversives you know, particularly Compo!

  • rhymeswithplague 16th April 2013

    Interesting. I never heard this song before and I couldn’t understand one single thing on the clip from start to finish except the words “I’m in love with Margaret Thatcher” repeated over and over and even that wasn’t easy with the simultaneous mouthings (I do not say singing) of such memorable lines as “Lalalalalalalalala…”

    Those must be some of Yorkshire Pudding’s closest friends.

    In summary, what Katherine said.

    • Mr Parrot 16th April 2013

      You’re not on your own Mr Plague and I understand the dialect. I only really include the song for the record and for editorial balance.

  • John g 16th April 2013

    Humm publicly attacking someone who had died by buying a song….( probably just for the humorous effect of it all) is one thing….( and in my mind acceptable) bad mouthing someone who cannot discuss the issues back , for me is another

    Some people just need to be angry

    • Mr Parrot 16th April 2013

      I think Mrs T would have loved all the ho-ha!

  • Plain Stupid Commie Pudding 17th April 2013

    It is a little known fact that Thatcher herself recorded a song she had penned with Ken Dodd at Abbey Studios. I hope they will play this at her funeral:-
    I’m sitting on the roof thatching away
    Got my flat cap on – looking mighty gay
    Denis is at the golf club looking for a mate
    Egg and chips for tea so can’t be late
    I’m the thatcher, the thatcher
    Not an egg hatcher or a baseball catcher
    I’m the thatcher


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