Spring is Sprungen

Garden BuntingAt least I think that Spring has finally sprung, because things have started to flower at last, even if the weather forecasters are talking about overnight frosts.

And sprungen is actually the past-participle of the Swedish verb, springa, meaning to leap or to spring, rather than the noun which means something much ruder.

Anyway, my point is that everyone is feeling much more cheerful, especially the garden centres and DIY stores who want to sell you all sorts of gizmos to make your garden picture perfect.

And you have to take it seriously because gardening is such a serious business. I went out to buy a new lawn strimmer yesterday to replace our old one which has been on its last legs for the last three years.

The automatic cord feeder no longer worked which meant I had to stop every few minutes to fiddle with the spool to release more, and it wouldn’t stay put in the edging position resulting in carved up the sward around the edges of the lawn.

The great thing about though was that it was a fairly simple gadget that did its job, but since the time we bought it there has been some sort of arms race between the strimmer manufacturers.

They have produced bigger, more macho motors, widened the cutting so you could scythe through the pampas if you wanted and fitted safety guards in case you inadvertently attempt to lop your own legs off.

I eventually plumped for the Qualcast GT30 on the grounds that it was 25% off and the one I was least likely to do myself damage with.

HazmatIt’s a risky business even so. As you can see from the image on the right that I scanned in from the instruction manual. I am not expected to use the strimmer unless wearing a top to toe hazmat suit, although that is hardly surprising when you see how lethal looking are the blades of grass in the illustration.

Or perhaps the boiler suit is simply to keep warm given how rotten the weather has been for the last twelve months.

And if you’re wondering about the photo at the top of the page, it’s one I took of the bunting that Mrs P has strung between the apple trees to replace the rather faded union and South African flags that have hung there for the past couple of years.

Very fond of her bunting is Mrs P.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Jennyta 30th April 2013

    When you’ve done yours, perhaps you could come over and spruce up our garden, SP. 😉

  • Roger Green 30th April 2013

    Spring – FINALLY – in Albany, NY too!


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