Getting the Bird

Harris HawkSomething strange happened yesterday – it was a bank holiday and the sun shone which isn’t what we’ve been accustomed to of late.

My scalp was throbbing gently last night from the unexpected exposure to solar radiation which felt strangely healthy and good.

The good weather happily coincided with a reminder of Christmas as we visited Stockley Birds of Prey, an impulse present that I’d bought for Mrs P through a Wowcher deal.

In a nutshell, we spent a few hours getting up close and personal with various birds of prey as you can see from the photo above of one of them taking off from my gloved hand.

The bird collection includes barn owls, tawny owls, kestrels, Harris hawks, Ferruginous hawks and a European eagle owl and we had a fab time learning more about them and their incredible abilities.

The barn owl, for example, has very poor eyesight and no sense of smell, but its hearing is acute. Drop a small piece of meat on to grass and it pounces, instantly locating by the noise it makes, inaudible to our inadequate ears.

We enjoyed a walk along the lanes of Stockley Farm with our falconer hosts, Gary and Pam, along with Katie, Pam’s young Harris Hawk, who took off after a couiple of pheasants that she spotted in the field grass.

It really was a fantastic day and it was also good to get behind the camera again and below is a gallery of a few of my photos which you can click to enlarge.

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  • gerald 7th May 2013

    What a super set of photos – it is quite a long time since I visited a falconry display

  • Roger Green 7th May 2013

    Actually, it had been so overcast for so long that I actually got sunburned on Sunday. Ought not to do that with the vitiligo…


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