Cheers ye an’ fareweel

Sir Alex FergusonI came across this photo yesterday of a much younger Alex Ferguson in his playing days. If it hadn’t been for the caption I don’t think I would have recognised him when his is one of the most recognisable faces in Britain.

The reason it appeared online of course was that it was the day he called for the curtain to come down after over fifty years in football, the last twenty-six as manager of my beloved Manchester United.

It was strange listening to the many tributes on radio and tv, almost as if someone had passed away, rather than simply retired, and the commentators had to keep correcting their use of the past tense.

I’ve been a Manchester United fan since I was a kid and the first match I remember was the 1963 Cup Final against Leicester City which we won 3-1 and it is scary to think that Fergie has been the team manager for more than half the years since.

I must admit that I was one of those who used to sit in the pub and grumble about his immediate lack of success, saying he should be sacked. Just shows how much I know and fortunately the owners at the time didn’t listen what we fans had to say and we’ve enjoyed an unprecedented haul of trophies as a result.

In fact, I can say that Fergie has been responsible for most of my moments of euphoria for almost half my life, birth of children etc excepted of course.

Fergie TodayThe thing is though, his decision to retire has rocked my world. For the first time in a very long time I’m facing uncertainty as a sports fan and it isn’t pleasant. Is David Moyes the right man to replace Fergie? Will we continue to be successful or sink into the mire? A mist has fallen to block my view of the horizon.

All I can do is give my thanks and farewell to Fergie as it says in the title of this post. And if you’re impressed by my grasp of the Scottish patois, please don’t be – that translation came courtesy of this Scottie Translator.

I also wanted to find something on video as a small tribute to our miracle manager and there can be no better than this one celebrating fabulous Fergie Time starting with those magical three minutes at the end of the 1999 Champions League Final.


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  • Roger Green 9th May 2013

    It’s always a drag to follow a legend in coaching, as a number of US college and basketball coaches can attest.

  • Trevor Rowley 10th May 2013

    “Rocked my world?” – come on, Mr Parrot, surely an intelligent man like you has a better grip on reality than to lose sight of the fact that it’s just a game, with the personnel involved merely players in the game – a bit like chess pieces. The sad thing for thousands of United’s followers is that the majority have been reared on a diet of total success. They don’t know what ups and downs are as they live in their “total success” bubble on, more or less, a permanent basis. Consequently, Sir Alex’s retirement leaves them floundering about like lost salmon and not knowing what to do next – a bit like parentless children who have totally denied to themselves that one day their parents might “pop off.” A psychologist would have a field day with this lot. You’ll get by, I have every confidence.

    • Mr Parrot 13th May 2013

      I am old enough to remember the lows as well as the highs Trevor. What I was getting at is that Sir Alex has been an important fixture in my life for a very long time, from before my children were born, and while he was there I knew there would be stability and continuity. Now that he is going that certainty has been taken from me and it feels very strange!

      • Trevor Rowley 13th May 2013

        …and you an Old Hydonian, Mr P, shame on you. Stop snivelling boy and get up on the top field and collect plenty of litter. That should bring you down to earth. It’s either that or three with the plimsoll.

  • Billy The Pudding 10th May 2013

    QUOTE – “I’ve been a Manchester United fan since I was a kid” RESPONSE – You never said your parents were goats!
    Did they keep you tethered in the garden?
    And who is this Ferguson fellow? Never heard of him. Any relation to that frisky red-headed filly called Sarah? She could manage a whole football squad and the ballboys too. Nae bother Jimmy!

    • Mr Parrot 13th May 2013

      What, you don’t recall the man who gave you Hull City’s manager and so indirect promotion? Shame on you!


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