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Not-So-Perfect PunWord play and puns are a great joy in life, or at least they are in mine. I’m sure my long suffering family would disagree – they think that being with me is like living with a walking Christmas cracker joke.

The reason I mention this is because of some fun on the Saturday Breakfast Show  after the annoncement that the seventh in the Star Wars franchise is to be filmed in the UK next year.

Listeners came up with their alternative titles with a UK place motif like the one above and Star Wars: the Phantom Mendips and The Empire Strikes Bacup.

But they ran out of Star Wars options  fairly quickly and broadened it to alternative titles for other films if they had been made in the UK – here are a few of my offerings:

Haverfordwest Was Won

A Man Called Horsham

Last Tango in Powys

Chitty Chitty Bangor

Bridge Over the River Wye

Our Man in Havant

I Was Monty’s Dublin

Liverpool and Let Die

She Wore a Yellow Ribble

The Third Manchester

Diamond are for Everton

The Bridges of Stockport County

King Congleton

Look Back in Onger

Das Bootle

It’s a Wonderful Fife

A Stalybridge Too Far

Harry Potteries and the Philosopher’s Stoke

Now you understand what my family has to put up with!

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Roger Green 13th May 2013

    hmm, we have a Bangor in Maine, so that works here too.

  • Film Buff Pudding 13th May 2013

    In addition, have you encountered these blockbusterS?

    Whatever Happened to Ashton-under-Lyne?
    The Unbearable Lightness of Cleckheaton
    The Tin Drumnadrochit
    The Taking of Penrith One Two Three
    The Postman Always Rings Tring
    A Passage to Withernsea
    My Own Private Rutland
    Long Day’s Journey into Knightsbridge
    The Good, The Bad and The Wirral
    Butch Castleford and The Sunderland Kid
    Ribble Without a Cause

  • Trevor Rowley 16th May 2013

    This is a hard one for me as I rarely go to the pictures to watch a film (I think The Young Victoria was the last title I saw “live”) and am happy to let the bulk of what’s on TV pass me by, so here goes. How about

    Ice Cold in (Crewe) Alex…won’t mean anything to our colonial cousins
    Alice in Sunderland
    King Creoldham

    My excuse is that I’ve just been asleep for about two hours and my brain is still quite numb, so I think it’s time for a cuppa.

    • Mr Parrot 16th May 2013

      That’s pretty good Trevor. I was trying to think of one for Ice Cold in Alex but couldn’t come up with anything and Alice in Sunderland is inspired!

      • Trevor Rowley 16th May 2013

        …and here’s another one

        The Mancunian Candidate (the 1962 original, I hasten to add, and not the 2004 re-make)


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