A Toast to Technology

Self-stirring Mug

Self-stirring Mug

Despite my antipathy to mobile phones and ambivalence to Kindle (as mentioned the other day) technology is the living proof that mankind has clambered to the top most branch of the evolutionary tree.

Take the self-stirring mug on the left. Think of all the energy you’ve wasted over the years clattering a spoon around your cup when all that was needed was a little ingenuity to save you all that effort.

No this isn’t the information or communications age, it’s the Age of the Gadget and nowhere is this more evident than in the kitchen and our generations-old need to toast bread.

Whatever your breakfast needs, someone has come up with an ingenious solution – click on the images to enlarge:


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  • Roger Green 16th May 2013

    The toaster is one of those devices that has been modified more than just about any appliance I know.

  • Toastmaster Pudding 16th May 2013

    TOASTMASTER I should like to propose a toast to Mr Rhodes for services to blogging! (Clinking of glasses)
    ROGER GREEN Rubbish! He doesn’t deserve it!
    MR RHODES Go to hell Roger! (throws slice of granary toast at Roger)
    *****THE END*****

  • gerald 17th May 2013

    I have to use tongs to get my toast out of the toaster but I wouldn’t trust one to toss it onto a plate.


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