Climate Change

OmpagrillThe weather finally seems to have taken a turn for the better after the best part of a year of miserable greyness and what I’m told has been the coldest Spring since 1962.

It still isn’t exactly wall to wall sunshine, but at least I haven’t been forced back into a sweater or a waterproof to venture outside.

And it is also time to get the barbecue out again and brush off all the cobwebs and dust that have gathered upon it, so long has it been unused, just in time to celebrate Master P’s twenty-second birthday.

That’s the one above – my trusty Ompagrill that I first wrote about in June 2004 not long after we bought it – and it still giving great service. The stainless steel body is as sturdy as ever even if it is less pristine these days. However, the plate underneath that I use to release the charcoal ash has seen better days and it may be time to replace the whole thing.

I’d love to buy another Italian-made Ompagrill, but they don’t appear to available in the UK any more. I did find one on a French website for 119€ plus port et d’emballage which seems a bit steep as I’m sure I paid nothing like that for the original.

So it might be time to think the unthinkable and invest in a gas-fired barbie – I’ll keep you posted.

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  • Ken Pudding 4th June 2013

    Gas fired Barbie? Don’t you mean a Ken fired Barbie?


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