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BlackbirdThe local wildlife has gone into overdrive with the sun putting in a belated appearance, and about time too if you ask me.

I managed to snap this photo of a blackbird happily perched in our nextdoor neighbour’s apricot tree generally enjoying himself and posing nicely for the camera.

The thing is, if you enlarge the photo you’ll see that he only has one leg. We’re pretty sure that must be the same monopod blackbird I wrote about three years ago. I say first time, but it was actually the only time because we haven’t seen hide nor feather of him since.

He is obviously returning to the area, even if he isn’t a regular visitor to our garden any longer, but it seems that Mrs P’s special diet of soaked dried meal worms did the trick for him.

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  • Elizabeth 10th July 2013

    What a heart warming post. Well done, Mrs P.

  • Ornitho Pudding 10th July 2013

    Black birds are nice. I hear that you have a lot of black birds in the Manchester area. White birds tend to talk too much.

  • gerald 11th July 2013

    are you sure it is one-legged? – looks to me as if t’other leg is just hidden behind its tail.


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