It’s a Puzzle

Drunk as a SkunkForget about Trent Bridge and England closing in on a first Ashes Test win, you’ll find the fiercest competition in Newmarket today with the first ever British Jigsaw Championship.

I’d never really thought about jigsawing (if that’s the right word) as a spectator sport, but then I suppose it makes as much sense as bog snorkelling or worm charming.

The rules are quite simple – the competing dissectologists (that is the right word) are each given an identical 1,000 piece puzzle securely wrapped and will rip off the paper when the starting pistol is fired at 10am. The first one to finish is the champion.

Of course no-one might finish the puzzle. There’s a two and a half hour time limit and in that case the player with the least number of pieces left will be declared the winner on points.

Organiser Judy Paxton is coy about the subject matter of the subject of the match puzzle because she says: ‘Jigsaw puzzlers are very wily people and they might go on the internet and look at it in advance and plan their strategy.’ (It isn’t just cricketers who get accused of lack of sportsmanship)

But she did let slip that the puzzle features inebriated animals and the only one I could find that fits the bill is Drunk as a Skunk above.

And the prize? Five crisp ten pound notes apparently and no doubt the temptation to turn professional. But it’s the glory of winning that really matters isn’t it?

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  • Missing Piece Pudding 14th July 2013

    I hope they show edited highlights on TV. I could watch them in my local while getting drunk as a skunk.

  • rhymeswithplague 14th July 2013

    This being Bastille Day and all, I do believe you have found an exciting British alternative to all that constant liberté, égalité, fraternité with jigsawing, bog snorkelling, and worm charming!

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