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Jesus and the money lendersersI’m not what you would call a great church goer, or any sort of church goer come to that. Not believing in supernatural beings doesn’t help, of course, but even if I was the hand-wringing bleating of the church would put me off.

However, my views may need some reconsideration, at least as far as the established church is concerned, with the news that Justin Welby is going to compete the payday loan sharks out of business.

It’s a bold statement, but for once the CofE is taking on one of our modern evils and with action rather than words, which is more than can be said for the legislators.

My son spent a few unhappy months working in a call centre for an agent of the money lenders and it was a complete rip-off. Desperate people would call in on a premium line to find out if they were eligible for a loan and we worked out it was costing them around £80 before they even got the loan with its extortionate interest rates.

So hats off to the Archbishop. I may not actually be in church on Sunday, but I will be in spirit.

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  • gerald 25th July 2013

    I remember the loan sharks of the 70s and 80s going round the council estates waiting outside the post office while single mums collected their benefits – but these payday loan people are even worse – and yet they get away with it.

  • Archie Pudding 25th July 2013

    The Archbishop shouldn’t have to be tackling this issue. Our government should be creating tough laws to stamp out these parasitical companies feeding off the desperation of the poor and needy. To me what they are doing is simply stealing and extorting money. How else could you describe it? The Archbishop should leave the church and start up a hitman business – targeting the perpetrators of greed and exploitation. His vans would have “Archie’s” on the side and the company emblem would be a stylised Robin Hood.

  • Roger Green 26th July 2013

    The whole idea of an oppressive system being challenged was right in Jesus’ wheelhouse.


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