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Malcolm TuckerEven at my age the world can take me by surprise, none more so with yesterday’s announcement that Peter Capaldi is to be the twelfth Doctor Who.

It shouldn’t have done because he was the clear bookies favourite for the role and they stopped taking bets last Friday. My excuse is that I don’t bother with bookmakers’ website too often.

At 55 years old he will be as old as the late great William Hartnell was when he was cast as the first Doctor in 1963 which is one in the eye for all the ageists, or does that make me youthist?

The problem for me is that I will find it very hard to separate Capaldi’s new persona from his wonderful Malcolm Tucker character from The Thick Of It in which he became the sweariest person on television.

The thing was though it wasn’t what I would call gratuitous swearing, but a whole entertainment in itself and totally true to life from my brief experience of Whitehall. And it was such an essential element of the show that they employed a swearing consultant, Ian Martin, to pep it up. (Listen to his podcast)

My problem with the new Doctor is that I will be expecting a withering put-down from him at every turn, so here are a few clips of Malcolm Tucker by way of farewell.


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  • Dalek Pudding 5th August 2013

    I thought this Capaldi fellow died in 2005. Wasn’t he the drummer for that superb 6os/70’s band – Traffic? As for Dr Who, I don’t give a fig for that sort of entertainment. It’s rubbish.

  • Trevor Rowley 5th August 2013

    Can’t really comment on his selection as the next Dr Who as I know absolutely nothing about the fella. However, I did once stumble upon the “Thick of It” programme on TV and was taken aback by the totally unnecessary level of effing and jeffing from the character played by Mr Capaldi. In my days in employment (and I’m certainly not a violent man), this chap would have qualified for a “Glasgow Kiss” without a doubt. Out of curiosity, did they ever slip that idea into the script? Would have made a good ending to the final episode.

    PS Doesn’t he have a remarkable resemblance to a rather word-weary, late middle-aged Ian Brady?

    PPS Once worked alongside a chap whose speech was littered with four letter words. The whole shift went, as a man, to management and demanded that it be stopped or he would be dealt with our way. It stopped.


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