What a Pain in the Arm

vaccinationThings have been a little hectic lately with all the planning for our jaunt over to the Mekong to see darling daughter in Thailand and for a little Asian adventure in Cambodia and Vietnam.

The busy-ness has mostly been on Mrs P’s part since she has pretty well mapped out the itinerary for our trip, but there have been other things to sort out, like flights, visas and all the other things we wouldn’t have to worry about if we’d taken a package holiday in Greece instead.

And it is so expensive – £60 for the privilege  of being allowed into Vietnam – and I can’t say I was too thrilled with the idea of sending off our passports with our visa applications.

But the really big expense is for all the various vaccinations we’ll need. We spent a fortune yesterday on rabies and Japanese encephalitis jabs at the travel clinic and we have another two lots to go.

The other vaccinations we’ll need come courtesy of the NHS – polio, tetanus, diphtheria etc – although I have a bit of a gripe here.

We rang our GP to arrange to see the practice nurse to get the jabs only to be asked whether we had filled out a travel vaccination form. We hadn’t, of course, so I had to take the car into town to pick them up. But why did I have to make a special journey?

We had filled out a similar form at the travel clinic, but we did so while we waited to see the nurse, so it was no big deal. So why couldn’t we do the same at our GP practice?

That aside though, at least now we know we’re protected against rabies which is comforting to know should we ever want to visit Yorkshire.

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  • rhymeswithplague 5th September 2013

    Bwahahahahahaha…that was a good one, Parrots! Didn’t see it coming.

  • Border Agency Pudding 6th September 2013

    I doubt that you would fulfil the entry requirements for visiting this great county where we have no rabies or poverty or crime or Tories or Boddingtons’ bitter. However, I am pleased to learn that you will soon be off to South East Asia. May I advise you take a knotted handkerchief for your head and a big can of ladyboy repellent. Will the summer rains be over when you go?

  • Carol in Cairns 6th September 2013

    Sometimes that kind of daftness astounds me too. Enjoy the trip to see your daughter.


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