For Christmas Sake

Co-op Christmas CakeOne of my perennial moans is the way the High Street dashes to get seasonal items on the shelves way too early. You know the sort of thing – Easter eggs in February, winter clothes in August etc  – but today I spotted one that really takes the biscuit.

That’s it on the left, seen at the entrance of our local Co-op shop. Although it says ‘Christmas cakes, it actually holds mince pies and Christmas puddings.

By my reckoning that’s a whole fifteen weeks before the event and you have to wonder what the best by date is on these things.

What is really worrying though is that by the time we get back from our Mekong jaunt there will be no Christmas fayre to be had in the shops and it will be Easter eggs for us on Christmas Day and Shrove Tuesday pancakes on Boxing Day.

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  • Lindsey Jackson 8th September 2013

    Can’t read this ! stop swearing using the Christmas word in September brother x

  • Andrea Prestwich 8th September 2013

    There was a Christmas tree in a pub in October on one of our recent trips to the UK. Absurd! Detracts from the specialness of Christmas. Doesn’t happen here so much, but that’s because retailers need to cater for thanksgiving (a MAJOR holiday) in November. So everything is turkey and orange in November, then there’s a rush to red and green right after.

    • Mr Parrot 9th September 2013

      Hello Andrea – I hope you are well. You must drop me an email.

  • rhymeswithplague 9th September 2013

    When will you be leaving for Thailand? And how long will you be there? And will you be blogging while you’re gone?

    • Mr Parrot 9th September 2013

      We will be leaving on 4th October for a month. I am planning to blog while we are away, but it will depend on how connected we are. This might be a problem when we are ‘up country’ in Cambodia.


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