Thai Greetings

Miss-BryonyIt was Mrs P’s birthday last weekend and yesterday a bundle of belated greetings cards arrived in the post from Thailand. All hand made too by the class of younger girls that our daughter is teaching in Rayong.

The example on the left from Praewa 2 is quite touching. The school is quite a good one apparently and parents send their children from across the country to board there and unsurprisingly some get homesick and our daughter has to comfort them when it all gets too much.

The messages inside reflect Thai culture I suspect with sentiments like: ‘hope you have good health long time don’t conflicts’ and ‘wish you good health, don’t sick or have accidents’.

I couldn’t help thinking of Basil Fawlty good wishes to Sybil when he said: ‘don’t step on any landmines or anything’.

But it was very sweet of them and speaking of birthdays, it will be my 60th while we are in Thailand and it looks very likely that we will be visiting the school on the big day because the girls insist on meeting Miss Bryony’s parents.

If I’d been asked to imagine how I would mark my diamond anniversary, at a school in Thailand would not have crossed my mind, but I’m actually quite looking forward to it.

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  • Miss P 20th September 2013

    I feel like I need to defend the English in this card! It’s not perfect but, for a girl who at the start of the year would only draw to make herself understood rather than speaking or writing, I think it’s pretty great. I’m actually very proud of her! She asked me to go and watch her today. She was playing violin for national youth day. I felt like a proud mother! I can’t wait for you to meet her!

    • Mr Parrot 20th September 2013

      It was just an observation on different cultures and what the Thais would wish to each other in terms of health and good fortune. It certainly wasn’t a criticism of their English – apart from anything else they know how to use apostrophes which is more than many adult English speaker can manage!

  • John 20th September 2013

    Sounds like a run make of the KING AND I
    WITH you in the Deborah Kerr role

    • Mr Parrot 20th September 2013

      More Yul Bryner I think – etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

  • 1953 Pudding 21st September 2013

    We are the same age Ian! 1953 was an excellent vintage. Nice to hear that Bryony is enjoying her time in Thailand. For me teaching there was a kind of healing therapy after educational trench warfare for so many years in England. Will you be having a full body massage in Thailand? I can recommend it – if you can find an experienced masseuse who really knows what she is doing. Mrs Parrots should be encouraged to watch so that she can replicate the process in your front room when you get back home. Remember to draw the curtains!


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