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Mental PatientOh dear, Asda stores have fallen foul of the media and health campaigners for selling ‘mental patient’ fancy dress costumes because it fuels stigma. And the media would never ever dream of stigmatising mental health, would they?

It nothing new, of course – I was writing about a similar story way back in 2004 – but from what I can gather, it isn’t the costume that causes the offence, just the label.

Perhaps if they’d called it a ‘stock horror movie cliché’ costume that would have been okay.

But what really offends me is this: why are they selling Halloween costumes in September? That should have been the headline.

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  • Burqa Pudding 27th September 2013

    At Halloween this year I shall be wearing my “Islamic Terrorist” outfit that I purchased from the UKIP conference – this involves an embroidered burqa concealing a pretend IED under the black flowing folds of my costume. I thought it was wiser to opt for this than either the Jimmy Savile-like “Perverted Paedophile” costume or “The Nick Clegg” outfit which was available at half price.

  • Trevor Rowley 30th September 2013

    We put our children through a lot of rubbish don’t we? Who, in their right mind would want their offspring to dress up in ghoulish costumes, often dripping in fake blood and occasionally armed with fake weaponry in a vague attempt to mark one particular date in the Church’s calendar? Whilst the Christian world has “celebrated” Halloween (All Hallows Eve ie. the night before The Feast of All Saints) for centuries by reminding us that it’s good to have an honest fear of all ghosts and ghoulies, I have always thought it strange that we have, almost willingly, allowed the whole thing to be hijacked by our American chums. What the connection is with men brandshing meat cleavers I couldn’t attempt to describe but I’ll bet Billy Connolly could as the picture is undoubtedly his double.

    As for the link with people with mental health problems, we are cruel to that part of society, aren’t we?


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