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Food SellerOne of the things that worried me ahead of the trip was the food. Not that I mind Thai cooking though, it was just the thought of whether it might pall as a constant diet for four weeks or so.

But as it happens, I have been very happily surprised by the quality of the food. It seems that the Thais do have a love of eating which they indulge at pretty much every opportunity, whether at home or on the street.

Everywhere you’ll find someone selling cooked fish, meat, pancakes, fruit – you name it – many of them literally carrying their kitchen around with them, like the chap above on Sai Kaew Beach. And all of it is fresh and tasty.

The drinks too come highly recommended, especially the fresh fruit shakes and ‘smooties’ which I really take to. My latest favourites are yoghurt and banana or a piña colada mocktail, served in a coconut. I seem to be getting my five a day five times a day and am in danger of coming back a lot healthier than when I left the UK.

And you meet such interesting people. Last night we ate at Red Ginger in Samet Village, a small eating house owned by Canadian, Roger Lefebvre.

Suvannamaccha and HanumanRoger retired as a television editor at CBBC at the age of 52 and sold everything he possessed with the intention of spending the rest of his life traveling. Which he did for a while, wandering South America and Asia before landing up in Ko Samet.

Now he and his Thai partner have their restaurant and a beautiful two year old daughter, Jennadao, who is bilingual in cute. For him, this is his fourth life and the irony is that he now has more possessions than he ever had before he decided to up sticks on live life of the move.

But it is a good life and the food is fantastic – spare ribs like you have never tasted and chocolate brownies, coconut ice cream and papaya to die for.

Now if you’ll forgive me, all this talk of food has reminded me that it is nearly lunch and time for me to top up my tank!

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  • Advisory Pudding 10th October 2013

    I was at the statues of SUVANNAMACCHA AND HANUMAN in February. Have you seen the statue of the fearsome female rugby league player at the end of the ferry wharf? Had a massage yet? Now don’t be shy my lad! Just relax and let those expert Thai hands mould your sixty year old flesh! But NO happy ending – not on the beach anyway!

    • Mr Parrot 11th October 2013

      I saw the statue from the speedboat as we arrived here and walked up to the pier yesterday to get a photo of her/him/it which looks pretty fierce close up. It’s on my Flickr page and will probably appear here later!

  • Mosh 10th October 2013

    Just to say that my jealous side hates you. I miss Thailand (in fact, most of SE Asia), but won’t be able to visit any time in the foreseeable future unless we suddenly get very rich.

    • Mr Parrot 11th October 2013

      I can understand that – once you visit here you realise what a warm and wonderful place it is. It’s just the expense of getting here. We could have afforded the cost of a ‘normal’ holiday with what we spent on vaccinations!


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