Expect the Unexpected

ParasailingThere must be something in the Thai air, or maybe the water, but Mrs P has been trying all sorts of things I would never have expected her to. Like parasailing.

Mrs P isn’t great on heights so when she said she’d booked to be towed behind a boat like a kite, well I had to tag along with my camera, but she loved it, as you can see, even taking time out to pose.

This came on top of an afternoon’s snorkeling off the coral reefs of the surrounding islands, something she hasn’t done since she was a child, although secretly I think it was a chance to finally test out the underwater qualities of the camera I bought her last Christmas.

Blow me if she didn’t then turn up with a tattoo on her ankle, a stylized elephant of all things, but then she has gone ‘chang’ crazy since we got here.

This is someone who claims to hate tattoos, but she’s thrilled with it and I’m finding myself under pressure to follow suit. It was certainly never like this in Bredbury!

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  • Chang Pudding 28th October 2013

    Great picture of “the missus”. Used to be that the best you’d see of mature women would be floury arms after a baking session or hanging out petticoats on the washing line – NOT parascending in Thailand! If you have a tattoo, may I suggest a parrot on your forearm – or an anchor like Popeye!

  • rhymeswithplague 28th October 2013

    Warning, Will Robinson! Danger! Danger! Return to home base at once!

  • Trevor Rowley 28th October 2013

    I can picture it now, Mr P. As soon as you get back to Blighty, down to Mersey Square, in and out of Poundland and BetFred in your shorts, just so’s you can show off that new tattoo on your calf, “MCFC Forever,” it’s got that ring about it hasn’t it? And then, on the other leg, “Deidre Rashid is innocent” Sadly, it’s going to be you and at least a few dozen others all sporting them same motifs.

    PS Strange little series been on Channel 5 TV while you’ve been away “Shoplifters and Proud”- following the fortunes of seasoned shoplifters in – horror of horrors, Stockport!! One stole books to order, went by the name of “Barry the Book.” The other two were very ordinary, just went for toiletries, make up and steak in packets. Hasn’t gone down too well with the Greater Manchester police commissioner, Tony Lloyd – says it will give the town a bad name (cough).


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