Getting Back in the Swing

All-BlogI’ve been a most irregular blogger of late, having had almost nothing to say other than for my ABC Wednesday postings which don’t really count as they are generally planned well in advance.

Why this should be, I’m not sure. Post holiday depression perhaps, although we’ve been back for over a month, or maybe it’s just the cold and bleak weather that is getting me down. Or is life just not funny any more?

I look around and it seems that the world has gone beyond parody. To give an example, a neighbouring council is putting on the usual Christmas pantomime with local kids providing the cute chorus.

These productions used to rely on their mums to work backstage to make sure the youngsters got into the right costume on time, but apparently this isn’t allowed now because the mums haven’t been CRB checked. But it is okay for a complete stranger with the right bit of paper to do the job. Madness.

But it did make me wonder if professional footballers have had their records checked by the police to be allowed to hold the hands of the little boy and girl mascots. I bet they don’t.

Anyway, I will attempt to shake off this lethargy and as you can see above, I’m taking my All-Blog to make me more regular.


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  • Nitpicker Pudding 5th December 2013

    Perhaps your blogstipation is connected with being sixty and “losing it” re. spelling skills. Hence – “bleak whether”! Only kidding…. Now about footballers walking on to the pitch holding kids’ hands – I just think – “Why?” What’s it all about and when did it it begin? And why don’t rugby players and boxers also enter their sporting arenas with stupid little kids grinning at the camera? Bring back the days when a club’s single mascot would help with the coin toss and then bugger off.

    • Mr Parrot 5th December 2013

      You were right dammit! As for why footballers need to hold the hands of kids, the short answer is for the money their parents pay for their moment of glory. About enough for one silly haircut or basic tattoo I reckon.

  • Roger Green 7th December 2013

    I have been there!


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