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TransformerI was flicking through the Global Notable Deaths of 2013 on the BBC website the other day and I’m embarrassed to say that I had no idea of who many of the deceased great and the good were.

I had much more joy (if that’s the right word) with the UK notables which shows how parochial I am, no matter how worldly I consider myself to be.

That’s the depressing part of New Year – looking back at all those  people who are no longer here – and it gets more personal the older you get.

Like Lou Reed. I saw him live at a concert in Manchester in 1973 or 74, although I use the word ‘live’ loosely as he was out of his brains on something, fell off his stool several times and couldn’t remember his own lyrics.

I suppose it’s a miracle that he made it as far as 2013, but it still came as a shock to hear that he had died. (It happened while we were away and I don’t think Lou must have been big in Thailand)

The thing is, he was a part of my own past. Transformer was one of those seminal albums that left its mark which is what I mean when I say that so many departures are quite personal these days.

The likes of Mel Smith, David Frost, Bill Foulkes, Eddie Braben, John Cole, David Coleman, Alan Whicker et al feel like contemporariness which is a depressing thought.

Still, as long as I’m still around to read the obituaries eh?

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  • Grim Reaper Pudding 3rd January 2014

    Hey man! Remember those memes we used to do? Perhaps we should start up a brand new meme round robin whereby bloggers have to write their own obituaries! That would be so cool! What would you write?

    • Mr Parrot 3rd January 2014

      Ooo that would be a tough one. I’d go along with Paul Edington when he was asked what he would like for his epitaph: ‘He did very little harm’ was his reply, but I suppose an epitaph isn’t quite the same as an obit. Have you written yours?

      • Grim Reaper Pudding 3rd January 2014

        Yes. My obituary will also be my epitaph – “He was here and then he died”.

  • Trevor Rowley 3rd January 2014

    Bert Trautmann – arguably the finest European goalkeeper never to be asked to represent his national team (although he represented his country many times as an ambassador between Germany and the United Kingdom – for which he was officially honoured and decorated by both countries). A fine example of how we can create friendship against all the odds.

    • Mr Parrot 4th January 2014

      Bert was on my list Trevor and I only failed to mention him because his playing days were a little ahead of my watching days!


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