Thai BuddhaI should have mentioned that our trip to New Mills was partly to try out the new Lumix G6 camera that Father Christmas brought me.

I say new, but it is actually an upgrade from my earlier G2 which had to be parcelled up and sent to the supplier in part exchange. (Wex Photographic if you’re interested – their prices are excellent, as is the service)

I originally plumped for the Panasonic micro four thirds system because it is compact which makes it less of a burden to lug around. The compromise was picture quality compared with a traditional DSLR, but the difference is barely noticeable with the G6.

FireplaceIt still has the features that first drew me to the Lumix, like the free angle touch screen that lets you take shots from unusual angles, but other features have been improved all round, such as the quality of the digital viewfinder and its eye sensor automatic focus.

It also offers built in lens effects, like the starburst in the photo of our candlelit fireplace on the right and takes better shots in low-light conditions, as in the Thai buddha above (a present for Mrs P)

Ricard FlowersBut the feature that surprised me most was the wi-fi that I can use to connect it to my iPad which then becomes a remote control, making it ideal for setting up nature shots.

Unlike the electronic remote I use at the moment, I will actually be able to see the scene I’m trying to capture rather than relying on guesswork.

You can probably tell that I’m pretty pleased with it so far!

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