The Good Die Young

Paul GogginsIt won’t come as much of a surprise to my regular reader if I were to tell you that I don’t have a lot of time for politicians. I met quite a few through work, so I suppose it could be a case of familiarity breeding contempt.

Take Cyril Smith for example. I met him years ago, long before we know what we know now, and even then he struck me as a slime ball who believed his own publicity and not a bit like the jovial, no-nonsense politico we saw on tv.

Then there was David Mellor who was just as unpleasant and pompous as everyone thought he was. At least he can’t do much harm as an opera critic these days.

Others were downright mendacious, particularly the LibDems in my experience. One of their current crop of MPs was elected on the back of a totally spurious claim that then government intended closing a much loved hospital even though he knew it to be untrue.

Some of them were okay of course. Ken Clarke, for example, is exactly the same in private as he is in public and has a sharp mind to boot and I had a lot of time for Andy Burnham and Alan Milburn. But they all share the same personality flaw – they’re politicians.

There are those now and then who are a cut above the rest and one such was Paul Goggins whose funeral it was today. Personable, principled, perceptive and compassionate, he was all these things, and he never lost touch with his roots.

He was one of the good guys and is a genuine loss to British politics – which is more than I can say for some of those he leaves behind.

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  • Election Agent Pudding 17th January 2014

    Err… You are sixty. I am sixty. Paul Goggins was sixty. Sorry to disillusion you mate but sixty is not “young”. Perhaps you should have gone into politics yourself. I could have been your campaign manager “Vote for Open Rhodes!” “No Man Is an Island – Vote for Rhodes!” “Rhodes-he’s-yer…Man!” “Parrots not Carrots!”
    I hope that Cyril Smith didn’t try to molest you in the Gents. That would explain a lot.

    • Mr Parrot 17th January 2014

      Since I’m still above ground I consider sixty to be young, though I’m not sure what that says about my goodness!

      As for Cyril Smith, I’ve never seen anyone so large. We had to open the double doors to the boardroom so he could actually get in and provide two chairs so he could park his bum. A very unpleasant man.

      But I think you’re right about a career in politics. I’d be a natural to win over the grey vote. As for my slogan, how about ‘Rhodes to Ruin!’ At least that would be honest which would make a change in UK politics.

  • Roger Green 17th January 2014

    SIXTY is most definitely young to die. Anything under 3 score and ten is definitely young. BTW, I am sixty.

    • Election Agent Pudding 17th January 2014

      Whoa! Roger is sixty too! Let’s form a sixty club and go really wild – driving at sixty on the freeway (motorway) and counting the seconds in each hour (sixty). We could also play a round of golf – starting of course at the sixth tee!


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