Too Many Cooks

Coffee GranitaHeaven forfend that I should ever be asked for careers advice these days, but if I were then I’d point any aspiring tyro in the direction of the kitchen.

It isn’t that the call of the sauce pan and blender is such a great way to make a living – the pay isn’t great and the hours definitely unsociable – but it is the path towards the one place you can find guaranteed employment as a tv chef.

You just can’t escape the foods of every description if you watch the box for even the least amount of time. It’s just one show after another making scrumptious recipes that in turn make us feel guilty for eating ready meals as we watch.

You know what you’re getting if you switch to a cable channel called Good Food, but not when you turn on the BBC.

Take this morning for instance. There was Saturday Kitchen Live at 10am followed immediately by The Good Cook. Sports coverage started at noon, but if you turned to BBC2 for something different you got The Great Sports Relief Bake Off (two back to back repeated shows) and then The A to Z of TV Cooking.

It’s reached the point where the BBC website actually has to list an A to Z list of all the frying pan twirlers and pastry prickers it employs so you see how many opportunities there are to get yourself a good job on telly just by learning to cook.

And you don’t even have to be any good because we will never actually try any of your recipes ourselves, no matter how scrummy they might look on the box. Like the coffee granita above that I quite liked the look of this morning. For all I know, it may taste horrible because I will never get round to making it so I have to take chef Simon Hopkinson’s word for it.

It must be cheap television, it’s the only reason I can think of, or has ‘reality television’ taken over the world, but don’t get me started on that one.

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  • Humble Pudding 19th January 2014

    Why can’t they have cooking programmes that teach you how to make the perfect bacon sandwich or how to re-use the leftover chicken you kept in the fridge or clever ways to use the microwave or how to maximise use of a hot oven or how to reduce washing up when cooking. Who wants all that fancy food anyway? After all, we’re not French are we?

    • Mr Parrot 19th January 2014

      Quite right YP – if you need more than one pan to cook a meal it probably isn’t worth it!


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